Kai Kurve

Want something a little different, something with style and sex appeal, something that’s business and pleasure wrapped up in one – kind of like the cinematic equivalent of a mullet, only less offensive?

Then throw a Kurve ball and you’re guaranteed to strike.

With a degree in fine arts and having worked successfully as a graphic designer, senior motion graphic designer and art director, before making the move to direction, Kai pulls all of these disciplines together to create incredibly vibrant and unique films that feel like art installations in flux.

Scarily good at what he does, like the perfect Halloween Kai uses a mix of clever tricks and tasteful treats to bring worlds and stories to life in a way that is bold, unforgettable and always with a premium, fashion-forward flair – picking up a number of awards in the process.

Under his influence Wolf&Lamm became a big name in the advertising industry. But now he flies solo, like a flame-throwing, cashmere-wearing bat out of hell, ready to blaze a trail of playful innovation, all in the name of making money… I mean art.